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BBA Digital Marketing is an undergraduate programme that focuses on the knowledge and skills required to carry out marketing of different products and services with the use of digital technology and media. The Programme trains students in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Display Advertisement, Content Marketing, Data Analysis, E-commerce, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and a lot more. Digital Marketing students also gain hands-on experience through workshops, internships and industry visits. This helps them, to a great extent, to stay updated in this ever growing field.

After completing the BBA Digital Marketing Programme, students get a chance to choose from a wide range of career options. With almost all companies moving their businesses online, the scope of the programme is reaching new heights. Numerous career opportunities are available for digital marketing graduates in a wide spectrum of industries and organizations. The programme is an excellent choice for students who are digitally adept, who keep track of online trends, and who can creatively deal with different problems.

  • Marketing Executives
  • Digital Marketing Strategists
  • Digital Marketing Analysts
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO Executive/Expert
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Social Media Specialist, etc


The BBA program in Business Analytics provides the skills to analyze and use data to make informed business decisions. It helps you to understand and interpret complex data and use it to solve business problems. It involves using tools like statistical analysis and data mining to find patterns and trends in data. This can help businesses to forecast future trends and identify areas for improvement. With BBA in Business Analytics, you will learn how to collect, organize and analyze data to make decisions that can drive business growth and success. It is a valuable skill in today’s data-driven business world.

Business analytics is utilized by organizations devoted to data-driven decision-making. BBA in Business Analytics is a growing discipline and is subject to more growth withinside the coming years. India is presently amongst the top 10 huge data analytics markets in the world.

  • Data Scientist
  • Quantitative Analyst/Modeller
  • Data Business Analyst
  • Business Analyst Manager or Consultant
  • Financial/Marketing Analyst
  • Project manager
  • Data mining manager
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant
  • Retail Sales Analyst
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Business Analyst Specialist, etc


There is numerous field of study in today’s world but students want to go with the one with the best career options and it is quite obvious because the course you pursue today will decide your future. Thus if you are graduated with BBA in E-commerce and supply chain management then you have plenty of career options like you can get a decent job or can go for an MBA degree. Getting an MBA degree in E-commerce and supply chain management will help you get an even better job. Completing your MBA in E-commerce and supply chain management will end you up with a job of supply chain manager and that too with a decent salary. 

  • To introduce students with functioning of ECommerce industry and instructs them in the genesis, history, structure and infrastructure of this revolutionary way of conducting trade.
  • To enhance their knowledge in Database, Marketing, Financial Accounting, Marketing Research, Strategic Management, Advertising and Sales promotion, Supply Chain Management and Logistics.
  • To help the students to understand E-Commerce process models and Electronic Payment Systems.
  • This course can also inspire students to plan startups and envision strategies of growth and sustained Business Development.
  • Media Industry.
  • Advertising.
  • Entertainment Industry.
  • PR executives.
  • Service Industry.
  • Corporate Industry.
  • E-commerce Industry.
  • Government sector.
  • Entrepreneur.


At BCMS a BBA Degree in Logistics is designed to cater for the rapid pace of business and the integration of world economies. The course considers international trends in supply chain and is designed to meet the industry need for purchasing, supply chain and operations managers in all sectors.

Candidates will have diverse knowledge about the characteristics and policies of planning, coordination, transport, and finance after successful completion of the course.

Skills like verbal communication, negotiation, project management, logical reasoning, critical analysis, work under pressure, leadership, teamwork, decision-making, and entrepreneurship are enhanced through this course.