Academic Mentors

BCMS offers management programme to prepare students for a dynamic business environment in their careers.

At BCMS, we nurture leadership skills among students for a brighter future. Our facilitators offer a progressive learning environment with all modern-day amenities. Teachers and staff believe in providing a child-centric programme so that they can acquire leadership qualities and become great individuals in tomorrow’s India. We believe in providing overall development in students, and thus our curriculum includes visual artsvocational arts and physical education

A leader is a person who knows the path shows the path and follows the path.In BCMS students, leadership qualities are created and nurtured over the years. But how to develop leadership skills in students? Well, a great leader makes goal setting, time management, communication, accountability and decision-making a priority. So, BCMS uses different learning techniques to make students understand the importance of these factors. Becoming a good leader is not an overnight process. But BCMS organises different leadership activities for students, one day they will become great leaders of the future.

Our Mentors

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